The Independent

Published in "The Independent": 12/07/08

By Michael Crawford

With worldwide attention switching from Silverstone and Wimbledon to Beijing, many investors have been experiencing the yin-yang of equity, property and bond markets - and they must wonder if they would not be better off stuffing all their savings under the mattress.

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Published in "": 08/07/08

Kempinski Hotels’ European expansion continues with an exciting golf resort project near the holiday destination of Mount Pelion / Volos in Central Greece.

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OPP Magazine

Published in "OPP Magazine": 15/05/08

By Alex Evans

Whether buying developers, or working with them, Dolphin Capital has big plans for the holiday resorts market. Founding partner Miltos Kambourides tells Alex Evans why luxury and nature are key elements.

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Estates Gazette

Published in "Estates Gazette": 22/03/08

Dolphin Capital Investors, the largest AIM-listed real estate group, more than doubled its net asset value last year.

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