The Times

Published in "The Times": 21/09/11

By Marcus Leroux

Few would fancy dabbling in greece or cyprus at present but Dolphin Capital Investors is doing exactly that.

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Published in "E-Squared": 07/11

Miltos Kambourides is Founder and Managing Partner of Dolphin Capital Partners (DCP), a private equity firm founded in 2004 specialising in real estate investments.

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Athens Plus

Published in "Athens Plus": 28/05/10

Three business groups made up of Greek and foreign interests had to obtain a stunning 10,700 signatures from various public and local administrative officials to proceed with nine large tourism investment schemes, budgeted at a total of 5.2 billion euros.

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Dow Jones

Published in "Dow Jones": 12/04/10

By Rachael Gormley

LONDON (Dow Jones)--Residential resort investment company Dolphin Capital Investors Ltd. (DCI.LN) said Monday it is looking at a possible move to the main market in the medium term after its investment manager Dolphin Capital Partners agreed to support its existing AIM public listing.

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Investors Chronicle

Published in "Investors Chronicle": 16/03/10

By Claer Barrett

Thinking about buying a luxury Greek getaway on the back of the country's economic woes? Maybe you should buy some shares in Mediterranean resort developer Dolphin Capital Investors (DCI) instead.

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Published in "OPP": October 2009

Miltos Kambourides,
Chief Executive Officer, Dolphin Capital Partners

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IN Business International

Published in "IN Business International": Winter 2009

On completion of his studies at MIT, Boston, where he acquired Bachelors and Masters Degrees in engineering and mathematics, Kambourides knew that, despite his love of science, he would be entering the investment and business fund sector: "I was convinced it would be the next big challenge", he told IN Business International.

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Published in "Athens4U": Autumn 2009

By Natalie Visvardi

He embodies the ultimate example of a self-made businessman. A first generation entrepreneur, Miltos Kambourides directed his personal success story chasing challenges and success.

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Daily Telegraph

Published in "Daily Telegraph": 07/07/09

By Graham Ruddick

One of the City's most imaginative responses to the financial crisis – a shares-for-assets programme – has ended with 35 homes in Cyprus being acquired by shareholders of Dolphin Capital Investors.

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The London Daily News

Published in "The London Daily News": 29/05/09

Property has taken a battering in the last year but there are markets that are still  attractive to second home buyers.

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Property Finance

Published in "Property Finance Europe": 23/03/09

SEE residential resort investor Dolphin Capital Investors, listed on London's AIM, is planning to offer shareholders the right to exchange shares for certain real estate assets that are valued at end-2008 at double the applicable market price of the stock.

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Estates Gazette

Published in "Estates Gazette": 21/03/09

Dolphin Capital Investors this week unveiled a unique scheme offering shareholders the chance to swap their shares for property assets owned by the company.

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Private Equity Real Estate

Published in "Private Equity Real Estate": 17/03/09

By Robin Marriott

Dolphin Capital Investors, the largest real estate company on London's Alternative Investment Market and the biggest South-East Europe residential resort player, is offering shareholders the chance to buy assets in the company's portfolio as part of a financial strengthening.

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Published in "Overseas Property Professional": 01/01/09

Nikki Beach EMEA hotels and resorts have signed a management agreement with south-east Mediterranean resort developer Dolphin Capital Investors, to operate a five-star resort in Cyprus.

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