Herald Tribune

Published in "Herald Tribune": 09/12/05

By Stathis Kousounis

There is good news for the Greek economy and tourism, as an investment group said it plans to invest up to 1 billion euros in Greece, Cyprus, Croatia and Turkey to develop organized touristic accommodation complexes, mainly for northern Europeans.

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London Stock Exchange

Published in "London Stock Exchange": 08/12/05

The London Stock Exchange is delighted to welcome Dolphin Capital Investors Limited (‘DCI.L’) to AIM. The company is a British Virgin Islands-based dedicated investment vehicle investing exclusively in residential resort developments in Greece, Cyprus, Turkey and Croatia.

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Business XL

Published in "Business XL" (04/01/06) and "Growth Business" (08/12/05)

By Christopher Spink

AIM’s fascination with overseas property plays continues to mount, with Dolphin Capital Investors the latest newcomer of its ilk attracting significant UK investment.

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Financial Times

Published in "Financial Times": 26/11/05

By Jim Pickard

Dolphin Capital Partners, a firm run by one of the founders of George Soros's real estate private equity team, is set to launch an Aim-listed €105m (£72m) fund to invest in Mediterranean property development.

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Private Equity Online

Published in "Private Equity Online": 19/07/05

By Jonn Elledge

The involvement of George Soros in private equity is coming to an end after a career that touched the industry in many different ways.

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Private Equity

Published in "Private Equity Online": 06/10/04

George Soros announced he is handing over greater control of his $12.8b Soros Asset Management firm to his sons, and is spinning off his real estate, credit and private equity divisions.

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European Venture Capital Journal

Published in "European Venture Capital Journal": 07/05/04

By Τom Allchorne

Dolphin Capital Partners (DCP), the South-Eastern European private equity firm, has revealed plans to launch a €100m fund to invest in the leisure integrated real estate sector.

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Private Equity

Published in "Private Equity Online": 26-04-04

Athens-based Dolphin Capital Partners is targeting €100m for a debut private equity fund focused on leisure integrated real estate opportunities in Greece, Cyprus, Turkey and Croatia.

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